About Us



MUA and fashion consultant Jodi Wright, have been obsessed with colors since the tender age of ten. Playing with crayons and coloring books eventually led her to lipsticks and other cosmetics. Years later it all resulted in Jodi Wright working with a mixologist to create her own formula which she branded ‘Jurajae.’

After the third year of operating jurajae cosmetics, CEO/Founder Jodi Wright decided to partner with Entrepreneur, Actor, Screenwriter, Mykal Fax, after they both realized that there was a void to be filled in the cosmetic industry. It was clear to them that most cosmetic brands catered only for the formally attired and normal looking females and neglected women with an eccentric appearance.

Mykal who is known for his special brand of creative cross-pollination began constructing the image of a new revolutionary cosmetic brand that glamorizes females who are not afraid to disclose freakishness by way of make-up, hair color, skimpy clothing, tattoos and piercings. In the fall of 2016, Felacio was born.

Felacio genuinely believes that the female dissidents deserve solid representation in the world of cosmetics, because these eccentric ladies fly above the status quo and consistently bring more color and style to the world.